This song was composed during the war, after Marshal Pietro Badoglio signed the armistice with the allies and fled with the royal family to Brindisi, a secure port under the allies’ control. Scorchingly satyrical, “La Badoglieide”–whose title mockingly echoes worthier epics such as the The Aeneid (L’Eneide) or The Iliad (L’Iliade)–was recorded over the years by several anti-fascist and anti-monarchic singers. Among them, were Fausto Amodei and Michele L. Straniero, who were active (Amodei still is) as songwriters, left-wing activists and ethnomusicologists.Curiously, however, during the period 1944-1945, this song was also sung by fascist groups who had reasons to voice their anti-Savoy and anti-Badoglio feelings because King Victor Emmanuel III and Marshall Pietro Badoglio had turned their backs to Mussolini and sided with the allies on September 8th, 1943, opening a rift in the country and the way to the Liberation. More details can be found on