Claudio Baglioni

(Rome, 1951-)
Born in a blue-collar neighborhood of Rome, as one of his songs also reminds us ('51 Montesacro), Baglioni debuted in 1969 and achieved large-scale success in 1971 with the concept-album Questo piccolo grande amore. In the politically loaded climate of the 1970s, Baglioni's love lyrics were often considered too désengagé and unaligned to political themes to be worthy of critical acclaim. However, his songs display complexity and original solutions in both words and music.

Baglioni's artistic inspiration includes references to such writers as Gabriel García Márquez, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Elsa Morante. Baglioni's vocal style has evolved from the stornelli of the Roman folk tradition to pop and rock style with operatic notes.

translated songs: